GHD Straighteners – Why Are GHD Stylers So Popular?

GHD straighteners have actually been around for around 10 years currently and also have become one of one of the most popular hair straighteners on the market today. All through the GHD tale they have won countless awards as well as distinctions for the straighteners they produce. In 2010 GHD launched the newest version, the GHD Gold Standard Styler.

So what is it that makes GHD just so demanded? GHD have maintained designs to a minimum with just 3 primary designs. The Standard Styler which is a standard plate straightener, the Hangout Styler wide plate with extra broad plates and also the Mini Styler a smaller sized plate. All the GHD models are created with the same workmanship and raw materials for a quality straightener that will last.

Temperature Control on GHD hair straighteners

GHD straighteners do not included a flexible temperature control; there is simply one warmth setup. That claimed the GHD mark 4 styler accomplishes an optimum warm of around 180 degree Celsius which is lower than a lot of other straighteners brands on the marketplace today. The older versions of GHD straighteners, which I initially owned, did accomplish a greater temperature level as much as 230 levels Celsius. Nevertheless GHD has actually decreased the temperature on the brand-new mark 4 model as hair doesn’t need to be warmed above this temperature level to correct it. This will likewise suggest less damage to hair which is great news if you have great hair. If like me you thought the reduced temperature level would suggest poorer results simply check out client reviews on sites like

Plates on GHD straighteners

GHD Straightener plates are ceramic layered plates. What makes a straightener plate stick out from the others is the quality of the ceramic and exactly how it is applied. A terrific quality straightener will certainly use fine layers of ceramic baked on a metal plate. The ceramic often tends to chip off on low quality plates which if used on some hair will actually harm it.

Ceramic is currently extensively utilized on a lot of straightener plates as a result of its capacity to preserve and also warm, and move with the hair without grabbing or pulling. GHD likewise introduced innovative burner in its straighteners to guarantee home plates receive an even warm circulation without the tendency to damage the hair. This is something other brand names took a very long time to apply.

Other Functions of GHD straighteners

The new GHD mark 4 features an automatic shut down mode if the straighteners are left inactive for more than half an hour. This is fantastic for the forgetful among us. Something rarely stated is that if a room has a temperature of much less than 8 degrees celsius, condensation can accumulate inside the straighteners and also inevitably harm the straighteners. to counter this GHD have integrated in a safeguard that indicates the straighteners will close down until the room becomes warmer. GHD also introduced the new rounder barrel with the mark 4 as much of us are currently exploring flicks as well as curls’ using straighteners and a softer edged barrel implies this is very easy to accomplish.

Be cautious of Fakes

GHD straighteners are one of the best straighteners which is why there are lots of websites that make and also sell phony GHDs. My slogan would certainly be if it looks too cheap to be true then it most likely is. GHD have an item enrollment page on their official site, where you can examine if your styler is genuine. Although if you have actually purchased a fake GHD you will possibly have a hard time getting your cash back from whoever you purchased it from. My advice would be to go onto their website prior to purchasing the GHD’s and also utilize their main GHD hair salon mosaic to examine that the store you are buying from are authorised by GHD.

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