2 Pack Hair Towel Wrap Turban Microfiber Drying Bath Shower Head Towel with Buttons, Quick Magic Dryer, Dry Hair Hat, Wrapped Bath Cap By Duomishu

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Does hair still dry using the blower?
Also destroy hair organization? Catching a chilly because of her wet hair?
Our prime temperature blower hair with smooth locks are dried, withered, yellow and forked.
Not A Problem!
This Microfiber Hair Towel consists of super soft microfiber fabric. Its high water absorbency can dry your wet hair effectively as well as in a far more natural way.
Result in the switch how to eliminate hair damage brought on by blow dryer.
A hair drying cap is much more simple to use and can prevent scalp hair moisture from losing.

A control button is made for easily and easily fixing the cap in your mind.
This microfiber hair towel is both fashionable and practical for the home and toilet.
The lovable packing bag may be used to organize toothbrush, comb, towel and mobile phone when you are traveling.

These hair drying towels are slightly wider and thicker than ever before.
The loop and button will also be improved.
Take note from the size for those who have pretty lengthy hair.
Please pack your lengthy hair in to the turban or utilize it like a regular towel to dry your lengthy hair more proficiently.

Color: White-colored, Grey
Material: Barrier Fleece (Microfiber)
Measure: 25 5/8″ x 9 7/8″ (65 x 25 cm)
Relevant People: Women / Men / Teen
Weight: 120g
Machine Cleanable: Yes
Secure Button: Yes
Washing Tip: NO softener, bleaching or dry cleaning

Packing List:
1 x Blue Microfiber Hair Towel
1 x Crimson Microfiber Hair Towel

Using? (3 Steps)
1. Bend to create hair hang lower, put hair towel in your mind (the finish with button)
2. Wrap hair using the hanging area of the towel
3. Pull-up the secure loop across your mind and connect it underneath the secure button.

  • SUPER WATER-ABSORBENT. Super water-absorbent and dries hair fast and not waste time, drying it naturally, with no electric hair blower. Reduces chance of split ends. NOTE : We simply guarantee the high quality from DUOMISHU. The towels using their company sellers on our website are FAKE and CHEATING.
  • DURABLE AND SOFT. 100% superfine composite superfine fiber material having a button to secure your bathroom towels, hair won’t slip whenever you have a bath. Very simple to use.
  • VERSATILE. Microfiber towels are perfect for everyday use at your home, at the health club and travel, it’s a great assistant in Facial, Bath, Makeup, Face Wash. Fits all hair types and lengths.
  • Using. You are able to bend your mind forward and allow your hair flow by naturally, placed on the special moment hair drying Cap and twist of hair, fold back the special moment hair drying cap button on your hair.
  • Safeguard Hair. While using blow dryer is going to do great harm to your beautiful hair. The towel will absorb moisture inside your hair during this period. It’s the softest method to dry lengthy hair.

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