Arte Clavo Gel Polish Soak Off UV LED Lamp Lacquer Nail Art Varnish Professional 15ml Colorful Glitter

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Brand: Arte Clavo
Item Type: Gel Nailpolish
Quantity: 1pcs
Component: Harmless Resin
Volume: 15ml / .5 fl oz
Effect: Shiny, Jewelry, Colorful
Certificate: SGS/MSDS/CE
Shelf Existence: 24 several weeks
Appropriate Lamp: Ultra violet/Brought/CCFL Lamp
Lasting Period: 3 Days or over
Soak Off: Remove with Acetone
Advantage: Healthy, low smell and Eco-friendly
Application: Nail Art Beauty, Nail Salon, Nail Health spa or Training etc.

1.Shape the nail. Gently buff the top of nail plate. Sanitize.
2.Use a thin coat of foundation in the cuticle towards the free edge (Make sure to seal the
fringe of the nail). Cure their nails underneath the Brought light for ten seconds or perhaps a Ultra violet light for just two
3.Use a thin coat of Soak-Off Gel Polish colour of choice. Cap free edge. Cure: thirty seconds in
Brought Lamp, or 2 minutes in Ultra violet lamp.
4.Repeat the second thin coat from the soak off Gel Polish towards the nails. Cure underneath the Brought lamp
for thirty seconds or perhaps a Ultra violet light for just two minutes.
5.Use a thin coat of Finish It Off for your nails. Cap free edge. Cure thirty seconds in Brought lamp.
6.Take away the tacky residue on nails using the cleanser. Then, apply nourish cuticle oil to
rehydrate moisture in to the cuticle and also the skin all around the nail.

Gentile Indication:
1.Avoid all skin contact. If redness or any other indications of adverse reaction occur, discontinue use
2.Keep tightly sealed. Repel of sunlight. Repel of achieve of kid.
Because of the lighting and screen setting, color can vary slightly in the picture.

  • Healthy: Harmless resin, NON-TOXIC, Eco-friendly, top quality, low smell.
  • Feature: Mirror shine finish. No Nicks, Chips or Smudges, Perfect gift for professional nail salon or in your own home personal use.
  • Lasting Period: With proper application, lasts as much as a 3 week period (3 days) with perfect shine, bring Beauty Confident and Happy.
  • Application: Full bottle 15ml for natural nails, Ultra violet gel nails, false nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.
  • Appropriate Lamp: Have to cured underneath the Ultra violet/Brought/CCFL Lamp. Simple to apply, lengthy lasting not less than 2-3 days. Color resistant, flexible, shiny, jewelry.

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